Extra Stupid People
All right. This guy has this page where u pick a card on the screen, without clicking on it, and then on the next page there's one less card and the one you picked is always gone. Ancient card trick. Easy to do. Works every time. Might even fool you once or twice.

Problem is, he has, not one, but two enormous pages of "testimonials" about how amazing his "psychic powers" are because of this crappy card trick site. They are set up like guestbook entries, hundreds and hundreds of them, but oddly enough there's no option to sign it yourself. And, go figure, not a single one of these entries ever has a person saying, "Uh, hello? That card trick was old when the sandwich was invented."

Unbefuckinglievable. I mean for crying out loud, he sat there, for days, weeks, even, just pretending to be hordes of different people writing to him about how cool he is and trying to figure out "how he did it."

If you ever see anything like that on my crappy little site, ping it to death and don't let up until it is dust.

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