Opus Dei
This is the organization that John Ashcroft belongs to (publically), as well as (reputedly) a certian deputy director of the FBI, two conservative Supreme Court Justices and several members of Congress. They're in every branch of government, in other words, right to the tops... I find their FAQ particularly interesting, especially the last entry, which makes it sound very much (to my ears, anyway) like some rogue orginization inside the church that took over sometime in the middle of the last century...

I found out about them by reading Gore Vidal's Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. He (and others) imply that they are bent on nothing less than (no shit) world domination.

Gore Vidal ain't no fucking crackpot. I've seen the way he writes, seen the fucker talk. He's sharp as a whip. In this book he claims that the (state-controlled) media has us trained to disregard any idea of a conspiracy as bullshit, irregardless of the amount of evidence to support such a thing.

Think about it. The FBI and ATF killed dozens of Branch Davidians at Waco, most of them unarmed children. They claimed that Koresh was making crystal meth and used this as the justification to use military troops against American civilians.

Koresh belived that all drugs were the work of the Devil and preached against them tirelessly.

Who was held to be accountable for the Waco massacre, exactly?

Do you ever happen to hear?

I sure as hell didn't.

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