Ear implants
There's a technological device out there now called a "Cochlear implant" which permanently replaces the sound receptors of the inner ear. I want one. Only one.
Odds of dying from any external cause during one's lifetime:
According to the NSC, it's only one in twenty-three. I guess the rest of us get to die of old age or illness... Incidentally, motorcylcles appear to be about six times safer than cars (and twice as safe as feet!) in terms of the risk of a fatal accident. My parents always told me when I was a child that I was to never ride a motorcycle when I grew up because it was too dangerous. Maybe they should have been arranging for lessons instead...

Addendum, 5-16-4: My mother replies in the comment below that she "never said that." To be fair (and to ensure the safety of that half of my inheritance), my only memories concerning the topic are indeed of my father speaking by himself. (But don't you start, Papa.)

It's the beginning of the world as we've known it.
We are doing now that which we have always done.
The Japanese bombed the U.S. using kamikaze balloons during WWII.
Canis Major is coming.
They always told us in school that galactic collision was a diffuse event with no noticeable consequences to the inhabitants. They lied.
First post, so I'll make it a big one.
This strikes me as a viable replacement for my old, dying webpage. Take a look at that if you desire (the poetry's still good), but I warn you that half of the pictures and most of the links are now dead, and that I was in the habit when I created it of writing in bad jive.

I've evolved.

So here we go.

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